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Find all our dialogues here—past and in planning.

Our dialogue design is co-created in an organic and holistic way, focusing on the head, the heart and the soul, and based on a needs assessment of registered participants using modified versions of Harrison Owen’s Open Space Technology and David Bohm’s dialogue techniques.

Each dialogue attracts 20-30 participants—mostly from the preexisting GCD community, and a few new participants. These are individuals from business, government, academia, the non-profit sector, multilateral agencies, and private practices. For four or so days, we are sure to (re-)familiarize ourselves with each other in a few ways:


  • Share what we are currently doing in the fields of global communities, diversity, leadership and change;

  • Discuss current and future trends in these and related fields, particularly as they relate to each respective Dialogue country location;

  • Brainstorm ways to share and partner with each other more closely in future; and, of course,

  • Develop closer professional and personal bonds.

We usually convene in a cozy private house, inn or hotel and make a point of breaking bread—and sharing a few drinks—together several times a day, in order to build the trust and comfort required to allow us to share our deepest thoughts, ideas, and hopes for the present and the future.


To be clear, the annual Dialogue is not a conference, consortium, or professional development event with guest speakers and concurrent breakout sessions; nor is it a professional association or an exclusive club. Rather, we are a slow-growing community that deeply values the long-term relationships formed between participants. While we are seeking to understand and represent something of a global community, we keep a low public profile because expansion not our aim, but a natural result of sustainable inclusivity.

Image by Gunnar Ridderström

Global Inclusion Dialogue
Larvik, Norway (2023)

Polarization and Inclusion

In the beautiful historical city of Larvik the Global Inclusion Dialogue will take place from 10 to 14 May, 2023. Our local host will be Bjørn Ekelund.

Image by Michael Muli

GCD 14: Kigali, Rwanda (2019)

[Dialogue Theme + Quick Description]

values dialogue community.png

GCD 13: Atlanta, Georgia, USA (2018)

GCD 13, which took place in Atlanta in 2018, served to allow the organising committee to take stock and reflect on the purpose and future of the GCD.

Image by Alice Butenko

GCD 12: Cascais, Lisboa, Portugal (2017)

[Dialogue Theme + Quick Description]

Image by Adam Kring

GCD 11: Charleston, South Carolina, USA (2016)

[Dialogue Theme + Quick Description]

Image by Kurt Cotoaga

GCD 10: Oaxaca, Mexico (2015)

[Dialogue Theme + Quick Description]

Image by Blanche Peulot

GCD 9: Sitges, Catalunya, Spain (2014)

[Dialogue Theme + Quick Description]

Image by

GCD 8: Grasellenbach, Germany (2011)

[Dialogue Theme + Quick Description]

Image by Lee Robinson

GCD 7: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2010)

[Dialogue Theme + Quick Description]

Image by Matt Alaniz

GCD 6: Miami, Florida, USA (2009)

[Dialogue Theme + Quick Description]

Image by Inge Marije de Boer

GCD 5: Lille, France (2008)

[Dialogue Theme + Quick Description]

Image by Sarah Brink

GCD 4: Seattle, Washington, USA (2007)

[Dialogue Theme + Quick Description]

Image by Michael Dziedzic

GCD 3: Bryan, Texas, USA (2006)

[Dialogue Theme + Quick Description]

Image by Micheile Henderson

GCD 2: Delft, Netherlands (2005)

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Image by Carlos Alfonso

GCD 1: Houston, Texas, USA (2004)

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